Common help for common questions:

Store pick info, year released and even barrel # can all be stored in the Special Designation field. Even the  specific Blanton’s cork letter! 

If you see a label in Whiskey Shelf with an error such as a misspelling or bottle unique data such as store pick data, you can email support@whiskeyshelf.com with the bottle UPC code and the requested correction. We will review your request and make that correction for you. Any bottle unique data such as year released should be stored in the Special Designation field. 

We try to update the app with new features, enhancements and bug fixes on many Mondays in the Apple and Google playstores. If you don’t have automatice app updates set, please check every Monday for a new version with new Whiskey Shelf features to load with an update! You can submit ideas for new features at https://whiskeyshelf.app/contact/ 

In the whiskey world, a trend called the Infinity Bottle has been growing. It has also been called the Solera, Fractional, or Living Bottle.  It offers a new way to enjoy your bourbon, rye or scotch as a custom blend. The basic idea is to find an empty vessel like an empty favorite whiskey bottle, blending bottle or decanter as your Infinity Bottle. Pour in a dram or more of any whisky that you love. Often, this may be the last part of your favorite whiskey as you finish the bottle. Using favorites over 90 proof will make your blend better! Whiskey lovers create a spreadsheet or a paper log of the contents of their special blend over years as they add different whiskeys and pour drams. It is impossible to experience this unique blend anywhere else in the world. The Whiskey Suggest app tracks everything you need to know about your Infinity Bottle. Find a special bottle and start your Infinity Bottle today with Whiskey Shelf!

There is an “Undo Last Change” function for your last add or pour. You can find that under the Infinity Bottle graphic and above the Add Whiskey button at the bottom. That will back out the last add/pour but only works for the last update.
If you have made multiple mistakes with your bottle, you may need to reset your bottle with a Pour and selecting “EMPTY” to reset your bottle and start over again.

Whiskey is the spelling used for US and Irish spirits where Whisky (without the e) is commonly used for all other countries like Scotland, Canada, Japan, etc. Whiskey Shelf has bottle data for all whiskey/whiskys around the world. If we are missing one, please use the Suggest a Bottle option found in the upper-left menu. We will review it for inclusion in the Whiskey Shelf system! 
Whiskey/Whisky is a distilled alcoholic beverage made from fermented grain mash and typically aged in wooden casks. Examples are bourbon, rye, scotch to name just a few.
Spirits such as rum, tequila, gin and vodka are not whiskey. They are not made from grains and therefore are not suitable to be tracked in Whiskey Shelf. 

Yes, on the login screen, there is a Forgot Password option. Please follow the instructions.

Yes, we can provide a spreadsheet which must be filled in with either UPC codes or the Distiller, Brand and bottle size. The setup fee is based on the number of bottles you need loaded. Please email support@whiskeyshelf.app to determine a cost and receive the spreadsheet to fill in.

If you accidentally added a bottle to your inventory, you can remove it by selecting Update Bottle, selecting that specific bottle and changing the Bottle Status to DELETE. GIFT a bottle will also remove the bottle. Then save the bottle and it will be removed from you inventory. To delete a bottle from your wish list, select the Your Wishlist option from the main menu and select the red Delete button on the right of the bottle you wish to delete or search for that bottle and delete it. 

Some whiskeys such as the high end Willet bottles do not have a UPC code. You can search to see if these whiskeys are in Whiskey Shelf by entering at least 4 characters of the Brand into the search bar in the Add Bottle feature. It will present a list of whiskeys that match those character and limit it down as you type further. If you do not see the bottle you are looking for, you will need to submit that bottle to Whiskey Shelf for review and for it to be added to the system for others to use. First, from the hamburger menu in the upper left of the main screen, select Suggest a Bottle. Then check the  “No UPC” checkbox in the upper left followed by the bottle details in the other fields and hit the Submit button. The Whiskey Shelf team will review your bottle, adjust the submission for any errors such as spelling or incorrect type of whiskey and add it to the Whiskey Shelf system for you and others to use. You will receive an email confirmation of that bottle as added. To use that bottle in your inventory, select Add Bottle and type in 4 or more characters of the brand into the “What whiskey do you want to add?” field. You will find your special bottle there to select and add! 


Please check your email to make sure if you have clicked the email verification link. If this does not work, please email support@whiskeyshelf.app for assistance.

To add multiple counts of the same bottle, scan the bottle UPC . Select Next at the bottom to accept the bottle. Locate the field “Bottles Purchased (1 – 99)” The default is 1 bottle. You can change that to any number up to 99 and it will create that many of the same bottle in your inventory. Select Save Bottle. This may take some time to generate large numbers of the same bottle. You then will need to update each bottle for different locations or bottle statue. 

This feature is coming evenutally to Whiskey Shelf!

When you enter a new bottle or update a bottle, you will see a Purchase Store field. Select that field and add “Gift” or “Trade” as the source of that purchase and that option will be stored and show as options for future bottles to add.

You may delete your Whiskey Shelf account and the associated user data by emailing support@whiskeyshelf.app with “Delete My Account” in the subject line and your email in the body. This request must come from your account email. You may also request to delete your account by selecting the option to delete your account in the mobile app user profile feature. These actions cannot be reversed once the account and inventory data have been deleted. If you wish to delete your name only, send an email with that request to support@whiskeyshelf.app. Your request will be addressed within 3 business days. 

In order for the Whiskey Shelf app to work properly, you must have good internet connectivity through WIFI or cellular. If you are in a shielded area like a basement or traveling beyond good cell signal, you may not be able to use the app until you are within a good internet connection either through WIFI or cell signal.

The default for Whiskey Shelf is a profile image of a head. You can replace that with your own photo using your phone or tablet camera. There are multiple ways to do this.

1. Select Profile from the Main screen. 

2. Select the upper-left menu and select Update profile. This will lead you through replacing your profile picture. 

3. Select the profile picture in the upper right of the main screen.

Last Update: January 16, 2024