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Release 1.1.21

Releasing on 02/05/2024


Improved bottle price validity checking. Now tracks your rum and tequila / mezcal bottles!

Usability / Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue with some phones which were not displaying checkboxe for No UPC on Submit Bottle.

Release 1.1.20

Released on 01/29/2024


Add a Wishlist bottle directly to your Inventory, Add a Researched Bottle from Whiskey Wisdom to your Wishlist, Display the Special Designation field in any list of bottles, enhance the bottle search in Add Bottle and Research Bottle to show results from both the Brand and Label.

Usability / Bug Fixes

Fixed the ability to clear out the Special Designation field.

Release 1.1.19

Released on 01/22/2023

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Whiskey Wisdom is a new feature area starting with a Research Bottle capability to check the average price and rating of a bottle you are considering to buy. You can submit prices and ratings you see if Whiskey Shelf does not have them.

Usability / Bug Fixes

Resolved a rare issue where you could not add more than two Whiskey Friends.

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