How it Works

Whiskey Shelf is the only app which allows you to track your inventory, valuations,
your Infinity Bottle and a wish list for hard-to-find whiskeys all in one app!

Getting Started

If you have not used Whiskey Shelf before, you must create a profile which will include your name, user ID, email, city, state and zip code. Your general location is used for future capabilities of the app. After email verification, get access to all the features below. Sign up for Premium Subscriptions and Features in the upper left menu.
Premium Subscription Rates
$4/mo or $40/yr: 0 – 99 Bottles
$6/mo or $60/yr: 100 – 249 Bottles
$8/mo or $80/yr: 250 – 499 Bottles
$16/mo or $160/yr: 500 – 999 Bottles
$32/mo or $320/yr: 1000+ Bottles

Use name or Scan Code

Suggest a New Bottle

If Whiskey Shelf does not allow your bottle to be selected, you can enter a new bottle by selecting Suggest a Bottle from the upper left menu icon. Enter the UPC Code, Brand, Label, Type, Bottle Size and Proof. For bottles with no UPC code, select the NO UPC checkbox. Hit Submit and we will review your bottle and approve it to be selectable by you and others.

Change levels and status of bottles

Update the Status of Existing Bottles

As you open or taste your whiskey, your bottle is opened and the level of the bottle changes. You can update your bottle state from Unopened (default) to Opened 100%, Opened 75%, Opened 50%, Opened 25% to Empty. The neck, shoulders and body reflect the level of the bottle in general matching the shape of the average whiskey bottle. Once a bottle is marked as Empty, it transitions from the Bottles in Inventory to the Bottles Consumed list. Add your bottle ratings also!

manage Your own flavors

Infinity Bottles

An infinity bottle is your own blend of your favorite whiskeys together in a single unique bottle or vessel. This may be an empty special bottle you loved or an attractive well-sealed bottle to store your special blend. Whiskey Shelf tracks how much of each whiskey and the proof that you add and tracks what pours you remove from the bottle. Whatever is poured out gets replenished by new and different juice, thus creating an ever-evolving flavor profile. Whiskey Shelf tracks your Infinity Bottle volume, overall proof and what makes up your Infinity Bottle contents and the percentages. Premium Subscription users are able to track three infinity bottles.

get reports


Reports reflect your collection of unopened and opened bottles.You can also view your wishlist of hard-to-find whiskeys while shopping and if you have an Infinity Bottle to view. Premium Subscription users are able to generate detailed and summaries reports emailed to them and utilize a random bottle selector for tastings and new discoveries in your collection.

Add bottles to wishlist


Most whiskey enthusiasts have their own wish list of hard-to-find or favorite whiskeys. This simple whiskey reminder list is a great tool to remind you of what you are looking for when out shopping or trading with other whiskey lovers! Premium Subscriptions users receive two more customizable lists for tracking anything they like.

Future Features Coming