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Floyd Murphy

Floyd Murphy

Founder, Whiskey Shelf

History of the WhistlePig Brand

WhistlePig is a well-known brand of whiskey, particularly renowned for its rye whiskey offerings. The brand’s origin story is rooted in the picturesque state of Vermont, United States.

The story begins with Raj Peter Bhakta, an entrepreneur with a passion for whiskey. In 2007, Bhakta purchased a farm in Shoreham, Vermont, intending to transform it into a destination for high-quality whiskey production. The farm’s name, “WhistlePig Farm,” was inspired by the charming whistling sounds made by the area’s native groundhogs, colloquially known as whistlepigs.

Under Bhakta’s vision and guidance, WhistlePig Farm embarked on a mission to create exceptional whiskey using traditional methods and locally sourced ingredients. They planted rye on the farm’s fertile land, embracing the grain’s historical significance in American whiskey-making.

To further refine their craft, WhistlePig sought expertise from seasoned whiskey industry professionals. Master Distiller Dave Pickerell, a former distiller at Maker’s Mark, played a crucial role in developing WhistlePig’s whiskey recipes and production processes, ensuring a balance of innovation and respect for tradition.

In 2010, WhistlePig released its inaugural product, the WhistlePig 10-Year-Old Straight Rye Whiskey, marking the brand’s official entry into the market. This whiskey quickly garnered attention and acclaim for its bold flavors, complexity, and adherence to high standards of craftsmanship.

Since then, WhistlePig has continued to expand its portfolio, offering a range of rye and bourbon expressions, including limited editions and experimental releases. Despite its growth and success, WhistlePig remains committed to its Vermont roots, with the farm serving as a symbol of the brand’s dedication to authenticity, quality, and innovation in the world of whiskey.